About Us

What we do
We are a UK based reliable online Electric Scooter retailer specialising in Electric Scooters for Adults and Kids. We offer an array of high-quality E-Scooters and accessories to suit different needs.
We have a variety of Electric Scooters to choose from, including;
- Seated
- Non-seated
- High speed
- Foldable 
Whether it is just for fun or general commuting the eco-friendly way, we have a scooter for you. 
Our Ethos
At KL Scooters we work hard in everything we do, striving for the best results and outcomes to allow for greater products and experiences to our valued customers !
Coming from a close knit community and being a small team our community is important to us which is why we always try to give back when we can
Open to learning and change
We are very customer focused and are always open to learning and changing what we do to provide the best possible experience and service to you !
As our world is ever changing and climate change has become an issue at our hands,  at KL Scooters we are making a conscious effort to ensure we are doing our part.
From promoting greener modes of transport by using a scooter to travel, to using less paper where we can. We believe the only way to save the planet and go green is by making a change in our actions first and foremost
Why choose us?
Our unique ethos, knowledge of the market and hardworking team sets us apart from our competitors. We are dedicated to providing you with the service and products you deserve.
We have stock here in the UK as well as distribution centres and warehouses within the EU which allows us to be even more efficient with our service.
All of our scooters come direct from the manufacturer which ensures quality, authenticity is at the heart of what we do. This means we can provide you with the scooter of your choice within 5-7 working days subject to availability or next day delivery on selected models.
To ensure we are with you every step of the way we have a dedicated customer service team to answer any queries you may have.