Electric scooters

Electric scooters

XOOTZ Element Kids Electric Scooter

Available For Next Day Delivery! SpecificationMotor power70WTop speed6-8KM/HRange8-10KM (depend..

£119.00 Ex Tax: £119.00

R5 Kids Mini E-Scooter R5 Kids Mini E-Scooter
7% off

R5 Kids Mini E-Scooter

SpecificationMotor power120WBattery22.2V 2.0AHClimbing angle5°Top speed5-7KM/HRange6 KM (depend..

£139.99 £149.99 Ex Tax: £139.99

Kugoo Kirin S2 Mini Kids E-Scooter

SpecificationMotor power150WBattery21.6V 6.0AHTop speed25KM/H Range10-15KM (dependent upon..

£219.99 Ex Tax: £219.99

Kugoo Mini 2 Kids E-Scooter

SpecificationMotor power150WBattery21.6V 4.0AHTop speed15KM/H Range15KM (dependent upon we..

£219.99 Ex Tax: £219.99

S85 Phaewo Electric Scooter

SpecificationMotor Power350WBattery36V 7.5 ahTop speed25km/hRange15-25kmClimbing angle11°Brake syste..

£319.99 Ex Tax: £319.99

Aovo Pro Aovo Pro
6% off

Aovo Pro

SpecificationMotor power350WBattery36V 10.5AHClimbing angle20°Top speed31KM/HRange30-35KMBraking sys..

£329.99 £349.99 Ex Tax: £329.99

IEZWAY EZ6 Electric Scooter

SpecificationMotor power350WBattery36V 10.4AHClimbing angle35°Top speed30KM/HRange30KMBraking system..

£329.99 Ex Tax: £329.99

Kugoo M2 Pro

SpecificationMotor power350WBattery36V 7.5AHTop speed25KM/HRange30KMClimbing angle15°Brake systemFro..

£399.99 Ex Tax: £399.99

Xiaomi Mi 1S Electric Scooter

SpecificationMotor power250WClimbing angle14°Top Speed25KM/HRange30KMBraking systemE- ABS & Disc..

£419.99 Ex Tax: £419.99

Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 Electric Scooter

SpecificationMotor power300WClimbing angle20°Top Speed25KM/HRange45KMBraking systemE-ABS & Disc ..

£499.95 Ex Tax: £499.95

Tomini H6 500W Scooter Tomini H6 500W Scooter
8% off

Tomini H6 500W Scooter

SpecificationMotor power500WBattery48V 13AH Lithium-ionTop Speed45KM/HRange40KMBrake systemRear &..

£549.99 £599.99 Ex Tax: £549.99

Kugoo M4 Pro 500W Scooter Kugoo M4 Pro 500W Scooter
4% off

Kugoo M4 Pro 500W Scooter

SpecificationMotor power500WBattery16.0AH Lithium-ionTop Speed45KM/HRange55-65KMBrake systemRear &am..

£599.99 £624.99 Ex Tax: £599.99

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